Safeguard Your Pet

Do This Today!

Safeguard your pet today – improve your chances for a positive recovery

  • Pet-proof your yard fence so your cat or dog will be safely confined. Be sure to check your fence regularly for new escape routes.
  • Keep fence gates securely locked. This is for the safety of both your pet and any visitors (wanted or unwanted).
  • Never allow your pets to roam free in the neighborhood. Leash them at all times.
  • Always transport a cat in a carrier. Never take your cat to the Vet or anywhere else unless it is secured. A carried cat can bolt and hide if it is frightened by loud noises. When a cat is frightened in strange surroundings, especially with traffic noise around, it will hide and will not come to you.
  • The same goes for dogs. Always leash them when taking them anywhere. If a dog gets loose in an unfamiliar area its chances of ever finding its way home are practically nil.
  • Get some good photos of your pet now, before it’s too late. Take close-up shots so that details show up well. Do not use a patterned or busy background; a plain, light-colored wall is best. You want to see the pet, not the place.
  • Train your pet (cat or dog) to associate an “Acme Dog Whistle” with pleasant things.
  • Ensure that YOU can be located if your pet is found.
  • Always keep a collar on your pet with a tag that has your CURRENT PHONE NUMBER on it.
  • Always have a CURRENT rabies tag and pet license tag attached to your pet’s collar. You can be found by the number on the tags. It is absolutely vital that your pet have a CURRENT rabies tag on it at all times!
  • Talk to your vet about a microchip implant. REMEMBER TO SEND IN THE REGISTRATION CARD. If the number on the microchip can’t be matched to your information, the chip is useless and you’ve wasted your money…not to mention your pet’s chance for recovery. Also remember, a microchip implant is NOT a “lo-jack.”
  • Ask your vet about pet tattoos.
  • And finally, spay or neuter your pets!