Pet Tracking Services


When you engage my services,We charge an initial, up-front travel fee of $2.00 per mile (round trip). This charge covers travel time and expenses such as gas, tolls, auto maintenance, etc.  It also acts as your deposit/retainer.   The travel fee is paid via PayPal prior to our driving to your location for the track.

The tracking fee is $100 per hour with a minimum of one hour  and is due upon completion of the track.

Miscellaneous Fees

Cat trap rental: $20 per week

Large dog trap rental: $25 per week

Wildlife camera rental: $20 per week

Special large enclosure trap rental: $150 flat fee

Surveillance of trap: $20 per hour

Posting and distribution of flyers/posters: $50 per hr.

Profile – Poster Design – 24/7 consultation package: $50 flat fee